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What is the Imjin Parkway and Roundabout Project?

The Project is a road safety and widening construction project along a segment of an important connector route between the Monterey Peninsula and the greater Salinas Valley. The segment is located on the former Fort Ord military base (between the cities of Marina and Seaside on the Monterey Peninsula) between State Highway 1 and Reservation Road.

Construction will complete widening of Imjin Parkway by adding a lane in each direction between Imjin Road (near California Avenue) and Reservation Road; replacing four (4) signalized intersections with roundabouts near existing neighborhood areas; creating pedestrian crossings at intersections for safer access to and from the surrounding neighborhoods and educational areas; adding bike lanes along each side of the roadway for the length of the roadway extension; and installing lighting and landscaping.

When will construction begin and how long will it last?

Due to the number of agencies providing approvals for environmental protections and various utility companies involved, the Imjin Parkway Widening and Roundabout road safety project is now anticipated to begin construction activity in December 18, 2023. Unfortunately, weather has delayed the start of construction activities and the start date has been moved to 2/12/2024. Full completion of construction is expected to take approximately two years.

Who uses Imjin Parkway?

Imjin Parkway is a major regional corridor connecting Highway 1 on the Monterey Peninsula to the Salinas Valley. Along with Peninsula commuters, other corridor users are adjacent neighborhood residents, California State University-Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) students and staff, workers in area businesses and facilities, and public transit/buses.

Can people still use Imjin Parkway during construction?

Yes! One lane of traffic in each direction will remain open within the construction area during the entire construction period (barring any unforeseen and temporary circumstances). Concrete barrier rail will be installed to provide a safe separation between motorists and active work areas. Additionally, there be periods when traffic will be detoured. Advanced notice of detours will be posted on the City’s website, this website, and notices will be distributed to local residents, businesses, agencies, and media. All detours will be clearly signed and properly maintained to provide safe passage for vehicles, pedestrians, and workers.

As with any road construction, please expect traffic movement to be slower than usual and there may be temporary traffic delays from time to time.


What is happening to the Christina Williams memorial?

The memorial will be undisturbed and access will be maintained during construction.

How will people using Imjin Parkway be affected during construction?

Anyone using the segment of the roadway that is being worked on will probably experience some kind of inconvenience at one time or another during the construction period.

  • Traffic backup and delays: There may be slower traffic speeds or backups in traffic along Hwy 1, Blanco/Reservation Roads, and on some local streets during the construction, especially during commute hours.  Please use caution, courtesy, and understanding.
  • Noise: As with any construction, people can expect to hear noise from work and equipment.  The project work will be done during the daytime hours of 7am to 7pm.
  • Dust & Air Quality: There will invariably be increased particulates in the air due to earthwork.  The contractor will reduce airborne dust by using water to moisture-condition grading areas and haul roads to minimize dust created by their grading operations. Air quality measures have been put in place to minimize Construction Equipment idle time and emissions.
How will local residents, students, and others be able to access the area?

Access for motorists will be via the 2 lanes (one in each direction of travel) provided for vehicular traffic.  Pedestrian routes will also be clearly designated.

Is any night work planned?

The vast majority of this project will occur during the day.

Night work is planned for setting up traffic control measures just prior to the start of construction for the project. This work will be done at night for the safety reasons. The crews installing the traffic control measures have a safer work area with reduced traffic flows and the change from 4 lanes to 2 lanes will be completed at night and ready for traffic in the morning which reduces confusion (i.e., safer) for motorists.

This work will shift traffic from the existing 4 lane configuration to 2 lanes (1 in each direction) with the installation of new striping and k-rail for the length of the project. This operation will not be static meaning that the noise and light disruptions will be in a different location each night as the traffic control measures are installed along the length of the project.

Night work will be permitted between 8PM and 6AM. Anticipated noise and light impacts include heavy trucks delivering the k-rail; a crane will lift the k-rail off trailers and position them on the pavement; backup alarms; and generators for lights. Lighting will be directed away from residences and onto the roadway.

Two weeks prior to this night work, we will post messages on changeable message boards approaching each end of the construction zone. Additionally, information regarding the actual start date and duration will be disseminated by email blasts and the project website. 72-hours prior to the start of night work, fliers will be distributed to residents and businesses adjacent to the night work operation.

Additional night work will be required over the course of the project for specific activities at the intersections. Emergency work may also require night work. We are committed to providing as much advanced notice and information as possible whenever night work is planned.

Why is the project installing roundabouts instead of traffic signals?

The short answer is that they are safer than signalized intersections.  Please click here for more information.

What will the project look like?

When construction is complete, Imjin Parkway will have 4 lanes between State Highway 1 and Reservation Road, and the existing traffic signals will be replaced with roundabouts.  There will also be buffered bike lanes for cyclists in both directions.  Please click here for more information and conceptual visuals of the area.

How is the project funded?

The project is sponsored by the City of Marina and the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) with funding provided from voter-approved Measure X, and Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Local Partnership Program competitive grant funding.

What can I do if I want more information?

Please visit other areas of this website for more information or send us your questions by contacting us.  You can also check the City’s website ( or the TAMC website ( for information posted there.

Are there detours for cyclists?
The safest options for cyclists is to use California Avenue or Inter-garrison Road
Who can I contact if I still have a question?

Please send us your question and contact information by contacting us.

The Project Manager for the City of Marina is Edrie De Los Santos in the Engineering Division.  He can be contacted by email at or by calling 831-884-1212.

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